Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Leaving Hong Kong and Plans to Return to China

This post is long overdue since I left Hong Kong December 10th 2009.

What can I say? The last few days in Hong Kong I went out with the friends I had met here. Went to concerts and around town. Hong Kong felt so much like home, I somehow knew I would be going back. And so I have traveled to NYC to get my visa for China and to attend Tsinghua University, where I will take Mandarin classes there. (Posts forthcoming)

For now, here are some photos that capture the memories of the last few days in HK.

Random photos on a wall around Hung Hom, this captures everything about what is so perfect in Hong Kong culture.

A parade in Sham Shui Po

A view of Hong Kong from the bay in my neighborhood of Fortress Hill

A view of the outlying residential district of Chai Wan. (Not to be confused with Wan Chai)

Another view of Chai Wan.

Entrance to the bird market on the Kowloon side.

The bird market

Random, around Mong Kok I think.

This deity is a signal for a vegan restaurant. I am not sure of the exact history or details.

A roller coaster on the top floor of a mall in Mong Kok. The novelty had long been dispelled leaving the roller coaster vacant and closed.

An ice rink at the top of the same mall.

A look at the metro map. I look at the gray at the top left where the subway lines have not yet been connected. "That is Shenzhen" Kim says. "In 10 years they will connect the lines and the boarder between mainland China and Hong Kong will be open." I look at the map, and try to imagine what kind of world that would be like. Then I turn around, and breathe in Hong Kong once more...

Cool lanterns outside a restaurant in Wan Chai.

View inside the Hong Kong airport.

The mountains which surround the airport and photos of the planes...

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