Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I just finished watching the head of google, Larry, Sergey and Eric speak at last years Zeitgeist (2008).

In their speech was a notable outcry for people to work to change the world. The model they carry at Google is one of 70-20-10

Where 70% of resources are spent on core functions
20% go to side function that are related
10% go to dreams and far out goals that really can change the world in a big way.

There is no reason not to adopt this model in our everyday life. I think it would be good to make a list of organizations which are trying to change the world. There sure seems like there are a lot of them, but how many are successful?

I think it is rather easy to get pulled into a mindset of life where we feel or think that our time is absorbed by things we have to do, that we are just trying to get by, and it is better to leave the world changing to others. It is good to make the effort to stay out of that.