Friday, April 10, 2009

His house is in the villiage though

I might start working again. I know, it burns, it burns. But in fact it isn't that bad because the job will be part time, at a university, and tie into my current learning interests. Specifically the work will be in a lab conducting comparative genetic analysis on microbial organisms. The process is known as Terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (TRFLP) ... It will at least give me something complicated sounding to WOW people with when they ask "What do you do?" ... as opposed to the answers I give now...

I have also started a website on the molecular causes of biological aging

Science of Aging

This includes outlining major discoveries in the Science of Aging timeline.

The website has been picked up and linked by major websites like:
The Methuselah Foundation
The Ouroboros Blog (which has made two contributions to the timeline)

It seems like 10 years ago since I quit my job as a health care analyst and started a journey to travel the world, be an entrepreneur, and return to grad school. The time I was at work I had it in mind to study day... and when I have enough money. It was my deferred life plan. The dream I sacrificed for, but which I could have started at any time. It doesn't seem odd to think about it now, following your dreams is hard work. It is more work. It is fun and rewarding. But it is more work. I will also say that dreams are obscured. Or never what is expected, but have to be carved by life in a way, like a puzzle piece cut to fit.

I went to the mountains to see snow in April. I collected some video clips presented for your viewing below:

I think I will ride out the summer here, particularly if I start working and applying to grad schools, then it would be good to travel. And where to go? Good question, both Japan and France are on the list. Tokyo or Nice? Montepillier or Kyoto?