Friday, July 11, 2008

Next trip: Maine

I will be flying off to Maine tomorrow to spend some time in Portland and then on to Bar Harbor. While I am there I will probably spend a lot of time blogging here on a website I have been working very hard to create. The website is a catalog of fruits and vegetables, nutrition facts, and health information. You can check it out if you want:

There is also a nutrition facts comparison tool, have a look if you like:

Go the the "drinks" category, and compare beer, wine, and whiskey. I think you will be surprised....if you drink such stuff of course. :p

I find I have a real passion for produce, fruits, and vegetables. Usually when I travel I go in search of these things, to me, they are what define a place. I have been batting an idea in the back of my mind to drive down the east coast and work at different farms along the way till I get to Florida. After that my Mom mentioned that she might go to Lebanon at the end of September and I would love to start in at England and travel down to meet her there, and maybe push on to the Emirates, sail down to India, and push on to East Asia until December...