Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Update

I spend my time now divided between Cary and the mountains:

Usually when I am in the mountains, walking around, my thoughts are something along the lines of: "This is nice" or "Life is good" and there honestly isn't much more than just plain contentment. Sometimes I get thoughts like "maybe I should go back to playing violin in an orchestra" or "maybe I should travel the east coast and visit different farms" but there isn't much of those self-improvement type thoughts, and I think a big part of that is that I am content with the person I am, what I am currently doing, and what my goals and plans are in the world. It is a good feeling.

There are two cherry trees in the mountains and I spent a lot of time picking, processing, and well, eating cherries...

The interesting thing was that as soon as you thought you had really cleared out the tree, you would look around and there would be more cherries...lots and lots more cherries.

Lots. OK?

It is a good thing having a cherry tree, picking cherries, and then eating them. There are no regulations attached, no security codes or badges, no taxes, no chemicals, no responsibility, and there is plenty, so much that you are happy to share. It is what I would call an organic experience, it beckons to what it means to be human.